Closet Systems Can Help You Optimize the Storage Space in Your Chicago, IL, Home

Closet Systems Chicago ILIf you’re looking to make the most of your home’s storage space, then the closet systems from Coleman Home Solutions are just what you need. We have been providing deluxe closet organization products to homeowners throughout Chicagoland since we first opened our doors in 1988, and have left countless customers thrilled with their newly recovered storage spaces. Whether you’re looking for more storage room, want to be able to find your clothes and other items more quickly, are looking to eliminate clutter, want the jaw-dropping closets you see on TV and in magazines,or all of the above, our closet systems can help you achieve your goals.

When you rely on us for closet systems, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from various products that can help you discover new space where you thought there was none. Our selection includes:

  • Melamine/laminate systems – These shelving systems are available in multiple size profiles to accommodate both hanging clothes and folded items. They also feature laminated tops and shelves, protecting the system and preventing clothes from snagging and becoming damaged on unshielded particle board.
  • Wire shelving racks – Our wire shelving racks incorporate J-shaped supports to allow clothing to slide all the way across, helping you get your things faster when you need them.
  • Rail track systems – These closet systems are composed of a hang rail that attaches to the studs in your wall, and several multi-purpose standards that attach to the rail and hang downwards. From there, shelves can be snapped into the brackets built into the standards in various configurations, allowing you to increase your storage capacity or modify your rail track system as you see fit.

For more information about the closet systems we offer for Chicago and Naperville, IL, residents, contact Coleman Home Solutions today.