Closet Organizers for Residents of Chicago, IL & All Surrounding Suburbs

Closet OrganizersAt Coleman Home Solutions, our closet organizers can help you make the most of the storage space in your Chicagoland home. Since we first opened in 1988, we have provided highly efficient closet organization systems to residents of Chicago, Naperville, Aurora, and other nearby Illinois suburbs. We offer an expansive selection of closet systems and melamine shelving from industry leaders like Rubbermaid and Schulte, as well as our own in-house options, ensuring that you’ll be able to find the appropriate products to meet your needs. In fact, our closet organizers can help you rearrange your belongings in such a way that your storage capability will be dramatically increased without requiring any costly remodeling or construction.

Here are a few of our most popular closet organizers:

  • Closet systems
    • FreeSlide wire shelving racks with a J-shaped support that allows your hangers to slide all the way across for easier use.
    • FreedomRail adjustable track system by Schulte is composed of a hang rail firmly attached to the studs in your wall, and standards that attach to that rail and hang down the wall. Several shelf bracket arms then clip into the standards, allowing you to snap shelves into these brackets for more storage as needed.
  • Melamine/Laminate Systems
    • Our melamine laminate panels have a flat tape on top and bottom, unlike any competing closet organizers, which typically only have unshielded particle board. This top layer on our product provides a smooth surface that not only protects your panel, but allows you to slide folded clothing and other items more easily without worrying about them snagging on rough, exposed particle board.
    • Our standard depths are available in 12” and 16” systems, but we can also make shelves to your specifications, providing impressive versatility. Our 12” option is ideal for hanging clothes, while our spacious 16” closet organizers give added shelf depth. Have you ever folded a sweater or sweat shirt, and found it hangs awkwardly over the end of the shelf? Our 16” deep shelves solve this problem, making them perfect for fitting folded garments and other items.

For more information about the incredibly useful closet organizers we offer to homeowners in Chicago, Naperville, Aurora, and any of the surrounding IL communities, please contact Coleman Home Solutions today. We also proudly offer garage storage options, kitchen and bathroom accessories, and various other home organization solutions for homeowners throughout the area.